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Empowering Our Heritage, Nurturing Our Health

Our mission at Nohona Health, a dedicated Native Hawaiian health organization, is to honor our ancestral wisdom and cultivate a healthier future for our community. Grounded in the principles of cultural preservation, sustainable agriculture, and holistic wellness, we strive to rekindle the timeless traditions that have sustained our people for generations. Through education, outreach, and hands-on experiences, we are committed to fostering a revival of traditional health practices while nurturing a strong connection to the land and its resources. Our ultimate goal is to see a healer in every home, where the knowledge of our ancestors' merges with modern understanding to create a harmonious balance of physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. By weaving the tapestry of our heritage into the fabric of contemporary life, we envision a thriving, resilient community that embodies the vitality of our past while embracing the promise of tomorrow. 


Envisioning a Vibrant Future Rooted in Tradition

Our vision at Nohona Health is to witness a renaissance of well-being where our rich cultural heritage blossoms into a garden of holistic health and sustainable abundance. We see a future where every household embraces the cultural wisdom passed down through generations, seamlessly integrating traditional healing practices into modern life. Our vision encompasses lush landscapes dotted with thriving, self-sustaining farms that not only nourish our bodies but also honor the intricate relationship between humans and the land. We aspire to see families empowered as healers, equipped with knowledge that transcends time and aligns with the rhythms of nature. This vision encompasses a revitalized sense of community, united in the shared goal of fostering a balanced existence that uplifts both individuals and the collective. As our foundation of traditional health and sustainable agriculture grows stronger, we look forward to a tomorrow where the legacy of our ancestors serves as a guiding light, illuminating the path to optimal well-being for all and paving the way for a future that stands as a testament to our enduring culture and indomitable spirit. 

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