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Empowering Our Heritage, Nurturing Our Health

Our mission at Nohona Health, a dedicated Native Hawaiian health organization, is to honor our ancestral wisdom and cultivate a healthier future for our community. Through education, outreach, and hands-on experiences, we are committed to fostering a revival of traditional health practices while nurturing a strong connection to the land and its resources.


Our ultimate goal is to see a healer in every home, where the knowledge of our ancestors' merges with modern understanding to create a harmonious balance of physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. By weaving the tapestry of our heritage into the fabric of contemporary life, we envision a thriving, resilient community that embodies the vitality of our past while embracing the promise of tomorrow. 


Envisioning a Vibrant Future Rooted in Tradition

By incorporating traditional Native Hawaiian values with innovative Western medicine, Nohona Health aims to motivate and empower Maui's community with the tools they need to provide a healer in every home.

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