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Lahaina Disaster Relief Efforts


Mahalo for your donation!

Contributions towards Nohona Health's fundraising efforts would play an integral role in supporting the Lahaina wildfire disaster relief initiatives spearheaded by our sister company, Mauliola Pharmacy. These donations would enable a swift and comprehensive response to the urgent needs of the affected community, allowing both organizations to provide essential medical resources, aid, and support to those impacted by the wildfire. By channeling these funds effectively, Nohona Health and Mauliola Pharmacy can collaborate seamlessly to deliver crucial medications, medical supplies, and healthcare services to individuals and families affected by the disaster. The financial assistance provided by donors would empower our joint endeavors to establish temporary medical facilities, distribute emergency kits and life-saving medications, and offer counseling and assistance to those in distress. Through this combined effort, bolstered by generous donations, Nohona Health and Mauliola Pharmacy will continue to showcase their unwavering dedication to alleviating the hardships caused by the Lahaina wildfire and promoting the community's health and resilience in the face of adversity.

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